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What is Ambien?

Buy Ambien 10mg online as a brand name medication useful for the short-term management of sleep troubles or insomnia. According to the National Sleep Agency guidelines, people should use sleep medications like Ambien 10mg pills only after trying other treatment options such as behavioral changes (better sleep routine, sleep hygiene) and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

Ambien 10mg pills decrease sleep onset time by fifteen minutes or so, and when a patient takes them at larger doses, it helps them stay asleep for the whole night.

The Controlled-release form of Ambien medication is one that helps in both falling asleep and staying asleep for the whole night. Ambien CR pills come in two dosing strengths: active ingredient zolpidem, Ambien CR 6.25mg, and Ambien CR 12.5mg.

Ambien’s generic name is zolpidem tartrate, and the medication is available in both immediate delivery and controlled delivery formulations in the brand and generic name versions.

The medication comes as a white oval pill in the strength of ten milligrams of zolpidem. It got approval for medical use in the United States in 1992. However, the generic Ambien came into the market in 2007. The medicine is a non-benzodiazepine Z class member that acts as a sedative-hypnotic.

Ambien pills are under schedule IV of the Controlled Substance Act by the Drug Enforcement Agency. It is one of the most widely used sleeping medications in the United States, with above 10 million prescriptions written every year.

What is Ambien 10mg used for?

The FDA approved Ambien for the short duration treatment of sleep-related troubles or insomnia at the lowest possible dose. The treatment should not last longer than three to six weeks.

Ambien 10mg is usually useful for improving sleep onset time and sleep onset latency, likewise improving and increasing the total sleeping time.

Guidelines recommend Ambien for insomnia as a second-line treatment option after non-pharmacological treatment options such as CBT-I (cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia). It is because Ambien medication is nearly as effective as psychological therapies and changes.

Ambien sublingual tablets are available in a lower dose version for managing middle of the night awakenings. A patient can take them at least 4 hours before they need to wake up.

How does Ambien 10mg work?

Buy Ambien 10mg online as a non-benzodiazepine Z class drug that acts as hypnotic and a sedative. The medication contains zolpidem, a GABAA receptor agonist that belongs to the imidazopyridine class.

Ambien pills work by increasing GABA’s effects in the human central nervous system by attaching to the GABAA receptors at the precise location where benzodiazepines bind.

A patient taking Ambien and alcohol together can have additive effects of sedation as both of them are central nervous system depressants. It is not advisable to take these two substances together as their concomitant use can be harmful.

What is the standard daily Ambien dosage?

Buy Ambien 10mg online on a prescription and use the medication as directed by the prescribing doctor. The standard daily dosage is one Ambien 10mg pill every night before going to sleep. However, the doctor may lower the dosage for women and older adults as they are more prone to the side effects of the medication.

It is advisable to take Ambien pills just before going to bed, and the patient should not perform any other task after taking it.

What are the potential Ambien side effects?

The most frequently occurring Ambien 10mg side effects include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea

Long-term Ambien use can cause some severe side effects such as allergy, back pain, diarrhea, lethargy, abdominal pain, dry mouth, heart palpitations, sore throat, amnesia, constipation, abnormal dreams, lightheadedness, depression, and sleep disorders.

Ambien 10mg pills increase the risks of depression, suppressed breathing, falls and accidents, poor driving, and complex sleep behaviors.

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